24,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled for Being 'Unfit for Human Consumption'

The week after Labor Day should be spent recalling how delicious the burgers from your holiday BBQ tasted. But officials from the California-based American Beef Packers may not have had such a luxury because they were busy recalling about 24,000 pounds of beef that were found to be unfit for human consumption. 

The potentially contaminated beef was first packaged on August 21, after a carcass sample that was supposed to be inspected was "erroneously released," as stated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), prior to the return of inspection results. The ingredients were then processed into raw intact and non-intact beef products without a full stamp of approval.

These products were labeled “EST. 34741” and sent mostly to California and Oregon. Soon after, the company informed the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service of the mess up and the beef was deemed “unfit for human consumption" (please don’t feed it to your dogs, either). 

Sure, this isn’t as wide-scale as the 62,000 pounds of possibly E. Coli-contaminated beef that was recalled in May, but it’s definitely just as worth a slow-motion sprint to your freezer. Thankfully there have been no reports of illness from the beef so far. Let’s keep it that way, and check out the list of recalled items from the USDA alert: 

  • Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF CHUCKS” with LOT NO.110 and BIN No. 85 and BIN No. 86.
  • Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF” with LOT NO. 110 and BIN No. 81, BIN No. 82 and BIN No. 83.
  • Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF” with LOT NO. 25-110 and BIN No. 84 and LOT NO 110 and BIN No. 88.
  • Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 8/10 #1” with codes BT190821-1178, BT190821-1185, BT190821-1188, BT190821-1190, and BT190821-1194.
  • 66.2-lb. case containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 10 UP #1” with code BT190821-1186.
  • Bulk pack combo bin containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF SIRLOINS” with LOT NO. 24-110 and BIN No. 80.

If you start to feel sick after eating beef, call the doctor immediately. If you live in Oregon or California, maaaybe skip the burgers for a bit, tuck those emblematic white shoes away, and lean into fall

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.