Real Life Hungry Hungry Hippos Is Your New Favorite Game

Published On 11/13/2016 Published On 11/13/2016
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There has to be a way to replicate this at home because the Cleveland Cavaliers broke the mold Sunday by creating a real-life version of the classic kids game Hungry Hungry Hippos. Yes, The Tonight Show did a version of the game during the Olympics with the Final Five and Donald Glover. But what happened at Sunday's game is the rickety, low-rent version you might be able to pull off. Plus it has wonderful costumes. 

The Cavs held a game with eight fans during a timeout where four got dressed up as hippos from the once-popular board game. Their partner grabbed their feet while the hippo was on a phys-ed-style scooter and they went to town gathering plastic balls with a bin.

This needs to become a party standard for adult parties like Little Sebastian was in Pawnee. It should replace all instances of sumo wrestling at office parties and then slowly work its way toward the Olympics. (Look, they do golf now, so...)

Watch Sunday's Hungry Hungry Hippos at the Cavs game above, then check out how Fallon handled a similar real-life version of the game below. 

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