What's The Hardest Place In The World To Travel To?

Published On 03/11/2017 Published On 03/11/2017

It used to take human beings an obscene amount of time to travel across the world. Now, a flight from the United Kingdom to Australia takes a little under a day. But there are still places that are extremely hard for humans to reach, as a new video from RealLifeLore explains.

Asking the bold question -- what’s the most difficult place to get to in the world? -- the video illustrates a few examples, noting the journeys to various remote islands and mountain tops if you were to depart from London, England.  

Take Pitcairn Island, for example. Located in a secluded part of the Pacific ocean and only accessible by boat, the journey to this place would take at least 2.5 days of connecting flights and boat travel. Then there’s the Kerguelen Islands. Bearing the comforting nickname “The Desolation Islands” and located 2,051 miles away “from the closest population center in Madagascar,” the Kerguelen Islands are perhaps the most remote and far-flung. They’re accessible only by a six day ship route that leaves once every three months from Reunion Island near Madagascar, meaning it would take a minimum of a week to get there from London, according to the video.

Oh yes, and let’s not discount mountains. Apart from Mt. Everest and K2, the video counts the summit of Mt. Sidley in Antarctica as one of the most perilous mountains in the world. The tallest volcano on the continent, it’s located in Marie Byrd Land -- a relatively unchartered piece of land unclaimed by any sovereign territory.

Various mountains in the Himalayas and Asia pose a great chance of killing anyone brave enough to summit them, such as Annapurna -- which has killed 25% of the climbers who've tried. If you ask us, going to the beach sounds like a reasonable alternative. 

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