Angry Fan in Stands Hits Baseball Player With His Own Home-Run Ball

How do you behave when you're bested? Do you make a victory of sportspersonship, like the Japanese World Cup team? Do you sullenly accept defeat? Or do you take action?

That third option has never looked as appealing as it does in this exchange from the seventh inning of Saturday's Red Sox vs. Yankees game. As you can see in the clip above, a Red Sox fan, in what appears to be a fit of superhuman rage, whips a home-run ball back into Fenway Park, and, against all odds, strikes the Yankees batter who'd just hit the ball over the Green Moster.

Does it make any difference at all to the actual outcome of the game? No! Does that matter? No! This is more inspirational than Rudy and Rocky combined, and we recommend watching a second time and then going forth to live a life pettier than any you'd previously imagined was possible. 

That Yankees player, Giancarlo Stanton, seems to take the insolence in stride, tapping his helmet in acknowledgment. He even posted a video to Instagram after the game that mashes up the highlight with the 1993 classic Rookie of the Year.

Security at Fenway Park was apparently not as amused: They told ESPN that the fan with the cannon arm was promptly ejected.

h/tESPN, Mashable

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