Red Sox Fan Leveled By Security Demonstrates Exactly Why You Shouldn't Run Onto the Field

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement in the crowd at a major league game. The energy in the air is enough to compel certain people to do crazy things like douse themselves in body paint or take all of their clothes off. However, if you ever needed a good reason to abstain from sprinting onto the field in the middle of a game, all you need to do is watch what happened during a recent matchup between the Red Sox and Orioles.

On Wednesday night, an overzealous fan attempted as much and got absolutely wrecked by security. Luckily, lots of fans had their cameras rolling. 

The incident went down during the fifth inning of a night game at Fenway Park in Boston, when a fan -- wearing a Jonathan Papelbon jersey -- darted directly onto left field from the stands. The broadcast cameras didn't capture what happened next, but plenty of people in the crowd did. 

From the instant the kid steps on the field, a trio of security personnel jump into action, closing in on the thrill-seeker at crazy speeds. Then, with his head craned to the side as if to survey his best possible route to freedom, one of the security guys absolutely levels him when he clearly didn't see it coming. The takedown was so brutal you can even see the runner's glasses breaking apart in one of the official images snapped from the sidelines (shown above).

There's no word on whether the dude felt his attempt at 15 seconds of fame was worth it, but we'd venture a guess that his bruises and busted spectacles would say no.

h/t MLive

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