Red Vines Debuts Gingerbread Flavor for the Holidays

The offering is a limited-edition holiday treat.

Courtesy of Red Vines

The holidays are fast approaching, which means one thing: an onslaught of sweet and festive treats. There are the traditional favorites, like pumpkin pie and sugar cookies, and then there are the modern twists. Red Vines is dishing up a new take on an old favorite with its new Gingerbread Twists.

The offering is a limited-edition holiday treat that looks like the Red Vines candy we know and love but has the color and flavor of gingerbread cookies. Red Vines' Gingerbread Twists are available online only, meaning you'll have to visit the American Licorice Company's website if you want to give them a taste. They'll cost you $2.39 for a 4-oz. tray, but we suggest making it worth your while and ordering enough to fill at least a few stockings. They'll only be available while supplies last.

Gingerbread Twists aren't the only treat the American Licorice Company is dishing up this holiday season. The company is also offering Red Vines Original Red Winter Twists, Sour Punch Trees, Sour Punch Santa Straws, Sour Punch Arctic Straws, and Sour Punch Merry Mix Bites. 

Here's the scoop on those festive offerings:

  • Red Vines Original Red Winter Twists: Red Vines Original Red Twists in fun winter-themed packaging
  • Sour Punch Trees: a tree-shaped take on the classic Sour Punch Straw candy in a pouch featuring a "to" and "from" label, so they're ready to gift
  • Sour Punch Santa Straws: Apple and Berry-flavored twists on the classic Sourt Punch Straw candy
  • Sour Punch Arctic Straws: a pack of winter flavors, like Frozen Flurry, Arctic Avalanch, Green Glacier, and Polar Plunge
  • Sour Punch Merry Mix Bites: bright, fruity, and festive flavors like watermelon, green apple, cherry, and berry

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