Airport Workers Share The Absolute Craziest Things They've Seen On The Job


Working for an airline is surprisingly similar to working at the circus. Because hordes of people pass through them on a daily basis, Airports have a way of systemically unleashing the worst in everyone. 

So for the airline rank-and-file, you'd imagine there's a lot to observe on the job. A Reddit thread recently asked airline and airport employees to share their wildest memories from the field, and it's a doozy, replete with rogue security personnel, cartoonish scenes of people falling down escalators and uh, frozen snakes. 

So what did we learn?

Cold Blooded Animals Freeze at Altitude

You Might Get Framed For Drug Trafficking 

Escalators Can Pose Serious Problems 

Beware Of People Planting Drugs In Your Bags 

Some Customers Will Ask To Fly The Plane 

At Least One Person Thinks They Were Reincarnated From An Airplane 

You'll See Absolutely Crazy Things Pass By In Baggage Scans 

You Don't Need Dental Records To Board a Plane 

But You Certainly Can't Smoke In The Terminal 

Inspection Dogs Occasionally Get Naughty 

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