This Guy Transformed a Storage Unit Into a Modern Home

The exorbitant cost of living in some urban areas puts a real strain on your wallet. Luckily though, you can give up your big city dreams to live in a storage shed. Becoming the hermetic soul your mother was always worried you’d become isn't very hard, it turns out. 

Take it from Reddit user 007craft. He went MacGyver on a 10x10x6 storage facility to save money on the perpetual heart-stopper known as monthly rent. His cavernous dwelling has everything you’d want in an apartment: a big bed, couch, toaster oven, and an “entertainment center” replete with WiFi, among other things that continuously make your bank account sad. What’s more, he built everything in his home with his bare hands -- much like proud men of yesteryear once did.

The price 007craft pays for being a professional troglodyte every month is $205. Some people who spend that much money a week on Starbucks, so it might be time for us to reconsider the meaning of life.

There are drawbacks to living in a storage unit, as you’d expect. One of which is “living like a ghost” as the host explains in his video. When you’ve turned a closet into a home, it’s important to maintain a low-profile, because while efficient, this lifestyle isn’t exactly legal.

But we’ll be damned if it isn't enviable.

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