Reese's All-New Peanut Butter Cups are Finally In Stores

Courtesy of Reese's
Courtesy of Reese's

When Reese's first revealed a new, crunchy chocolate cookie version of its classic peanut butter cups back in March, the company said you'd have to wait until sometime in May to try it. Well, it looks like that time has finally come now that the cookie-filled cups are available at stores across the country.

Packages of the new peanut butter cup, aptly dubbed the Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup, started hitting candy aisles and checkout counter shelves nationwide earlier this month, according to a Hershey's spokesperson. Just like the Reese's Piece-stuffed version Reese's unleashed last year, the Crunchy Cookie Cups feature a special ingredient mixed into the peanut butter filling; in this case, crunchy pieces of chocolate cookies. Think of the cookie pieces from a cookies and cream candy bar, but jammed into a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Pretty crazy how it's taken this long for such a mash-up to exist, right? 

The Crunchy Cookie Cups are available in standard two-cup packages as well as in two-cup packages of the Reese's Big Cup size. Best of all, they'll be around indefinitely, the spokesperson said. All you have to figure out now is if you're willing to ditch your usual classic Reese's for the crunchy new ones. Best of luck. 

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