Reese’s Pieces Surprise Cupcake Kits Will Help You Show off on Social

You’ll be a bakefluencer in no time.

Edited - Courtesy of Betty Crocker

Some people are highly accomplished home bakers with the Instagram evidence to match. Others, or perhaps most people, are not. Those of us in the latter category have spent the past year content with three-ingredient peanut butter cookies and viral banana bread, hardly the confectionary spectacles we’d previously been able to waltz into any old bakery and enjoy before, oh, right about this time last year. Well now Betty Crocker is helping us create something close to spectacle right in our own homes.

Reese’s Pieces surprise cupcake kits include chocolate cupcake mix, Reese’s pieces, frosting, and even the cute little paper cups you might want to bake with according to Delish. You’ll still need a couple of eggs, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, and a half-cup of water to bring these beauties to life, but by combining most of the ingredients Betty Crocker’s arranged a lot less running around for you.

To create these photogenic treats at home, you’ll need to follow the (likely familiar) instructions on the back of the box before you take a few extra steps. Once your cupcakes are baked and cooled, you’ll hollow them out a bit, fill with Reese’s Pieces, and frost. Then you’ll be the one breaking those babies open on social media for all those smug baker types to see.

Reese’s surprise cupcake kits are available in stores nationwide for about $6.

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