We Do Not Recommend Pranking People With This Remote-Controlled Alligator

Are pranks a defensible activity? Does a prank add any real value to society? Who decides when a prank goes too far? Today, we're not going to answer any of those questions for you. Instead, we're going to recommend that you watch this video of a guy menacing strangers with a remote-controlled alligator head.

The clip comes via the channel Jay Karl's Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes. In it, unsuspecting folks, just trying to have a nice day in the water, react with little chill when approached by a would-be alligator. The best of these encounters comes at 1:35 in the video, when a man attempts to protect his friend by hurling himself off a hill and delivering an elbow slam in the high WWE style. It's hard to tell if he's in on the joke or not. But it's definitely impressive.

Eventually the boat cops come and give him a fairly mild talking-to, but they don't seem particularly concerned about it. "It's pretty cool," they say. "It's all good, just be cautious."

Again we really don't recommend you replicate this, but Jay Karl himself let a link to the Alligator head in the video description. According to Amazon, it's meant for "Canada Geese & Blue Heron Control." Not terrifying strangers. 


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