This Genius Plug Will Automatically Reset Your Broken Wi-Fi

Your Wi-Fi goes out, and the first thing you do is schlep over to your router to turn it off and then back on again. It's the Wi-Fi dance everyone must perform now and again to soldier on with their Netflix documentary. But now, a genius device will literally take out the legwork and do all that for you.

Just plug your router or modem into the ResetPlug, available online for $59.99, and you'll never have to get up to turn your router off and on again. Whenever there's an outage, this plug will cycle power to your router or modem every five minutes, or until your Wi-fi is up and running smoothly again.

The ResetPlug apparently works with "any Wi-Fi router, any Wi-Fi access point, and any broadband modem," so you're covered there. Sure, it's not going to fix more comprehensive Wi-Fi battles, but those are for you and your Internet provider to hammer out. And if you're having more comprehensive Wi-Fi issues, you should probably just switch providers. 

Here's to never performing the power on/off dance again. Maybe do an actual dance to celebrate. 

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Kara King is a News Writer at Thrillist and is going to break open her piggy bank to buy this thing. Send news tips to and follow her at @karatillie.