Yes, This Restaurant Is Really Serving Tarantula Burgers For $30


In the world of stunt foods, chefs are locked in a constant game of one-upmanship. This is especially true in fast food, with brands like Taco Bell engineering dishes so heinous you'd think they should be locked away in a dark, vaulted room. 

Humble burger stands also enter the fray on occasion, but in order to stand out amid the clutter, they might enlist the help of big ass spiders. That's what Bull City Burger in Durham, NC is doing to celebrate "Exotic Meat Month." Specifically, it's serving a tarantula on a burger. Not a fried egg, or a helping of caramelized onions. A hairy spider. The act of eating one of these monstrosities is called "The Tarantula Challenge," because finishing the burger takes grit.  

The very brave souls who dare to eat this thing are in for a surprise. According to the culinary adventurers who prepared the spider burger, tarantula kind of tastes like crab. Yes, crab, the very same scuttling creatures from the ocean.

Perhaps that's just a sly attempt at marketing their burger topped with a gnarly arachnid, but then again, who are we to question them? Have you ever attempted the brazen and surely perilous Tarantula Challenge? The answer is likely a resounding no. 

Anyway, apart from the oven roasted beast, the Tarantula Burger comes with 100% pasture-raised, North Carolina beef, Gruyére cheese and chili sauce. It's also an investment as far as burgers are concerned, running a total of $30. According to Huffington Post, four people have successfully plowed through the Tarantula Burger. There are limited quantities, because the restaurant only purchased 18 zebra tarantulas, which thankfully arrived at the restaurant dead. Anyone looking to embark on the twisted challenge has to join a waiting list.

However, if you do complete the challenge and eat the 8-legged monster, all you'll get is this shirt: 

Exotic Meat Month lasts until the end of April. Then, you'll have to find your own damn spider burgers, like all the rest of us. 

[h/t Huffington Post, The Takeout]

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