Revel in the Yuletide Glory That Is an Enormous Gingerbread Bank

Starbucks may be blowing it with the whole "spreading holiday cheer" gig, but an unlikely source has come out of the woodwork to remind everybody that December is the time for happiness on a global level.

PNC Bank and Philadelphia-based Bredenbeck’s Bakery have just made the world’s first operational gingerbread bank branch.

How does one make such a delicious entity out of thin air? Good question. To complete this 12-foot goliath, 12 bakers and pastry artists used 2.5 tons of real gingerbread. 3,000 pounds of flour, 1,000 pounds of shortening, 1,000 pounds of molasses, 50 pounds of cinnamon, 50 pounds of ginger, 25 pounds of cloves, 40 pounds of baking soda, and a friggin' partridge in a pear tree. were used. It took six months of development to get this thing from zero to Christmas. 


Aside from the obvious, because it's awesome, one must ask why PNC invested so much time and money into a gigantic gingerbread house. Short answer: The Christmas Price Index. Inside the gingerbread branch, people can learn about the index and present-day cost of each gift in the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

As they say, "It’s a fun way to learn about the economy,"

Using the expertise of real architects, a wooden frame was erected (lol) and secured with hand-applied silicone-based icing to give it that pizazz one would find in a normal-sized gingerbread bank.

If you're worried about making the trip down to Philly to see the gigantic house, you can bypass the stress of travel with a 360° virtual tour. Let's just hope they clean up all the crumbs after they take this thing down... because that's a pretty surefire way to get ants.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and considers himself a modern-day Santa.