This Video of a Rhino Trying to Flip a Family's SUV Is Terrifying

While we get mixed messages about bears (thanks, Winnie), it's pretty unambiguous that rhinos are jerks. The giant spike on their head should be a dead giveaway, but in case you need a reminder to stay the hell away from rhinos, here's this terrifying video.

In it, a family is driving its SUV through a Mexican safari park in late July, presumably having a chill time experiencing the wild. And then the SUV is attacked by a decidedly unchill rhino, which rams the vehicle, tries to flip it, then chases it. At that point, the family was presumably no longer having a chill time. In fact, The Independent reports that the family experienced "strong emotions."

Also according to The Independent, officials explained that "the incident was sparked when the large male caught wind of a female partner ready to mate." The two rhinos are now being separated until she is no longer in heat.  

It seems like the rhino did some serious damage to the SUV, but the family apparently told that park that it was “a good experience that they will never forget.”

h/tThe Independent

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