Rio 2016

Acrobats at Olympics Use Human as a Jump Rope and It's Amazing, Horrifying

The gymnastics portion of the 2016 Rio Olympics has come to a close, but the party wasn't over for the gymnasts. The gymnastics gala had many of the world's top competitors doing routines just to celebrate the Olympic spirit with one another. And while acrobatic gymnastics isn't an official Olympic competition, Olympic galas are apparently a bit like a party at Burning Man. If you wait long enough, someone is bound to start doing some weird contortion or fire spinning.

The video above shows a group of four acrobats from China who performed a routine at the gala. Their routine featured a couple of moves that should be impossible for humans to do. That included a moment where one of the acrobats was used as the rope in a short display of jump rope. The announcers could do nothing but laugh.

The "rope" is one limber human being. It's impressive, but it also makes you cringe a little. The warranty expires on your body if you use it that way. It's just not supposed to do that.

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