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Bachelorette Party Crashes Live Olympics Broadcast

From Michael Phelps' last gold medal to the Final Five's domination in the women's all-around gymnastics event, TV coverage of the Summer Olympics in Rio has captured more than a few spectacular celebrations. But late on Saturday night, the BBC's live broadcast from the Games ended up including a different, decidedly boozier sort of celebration: a bachelorette party.

BBC Four presenter Dan Walker was reporting from Rio's Copacabana Beach, when a loud bachelorette party approached the live shot and basically crashed the show, according to a report by Mashable. Perhaps seeing the potential for TV gold at a slow point in his coverage, Walker welcomed the boisterous group and even invited the bride to site down for a quick interview. He did not regret his decision.

"This could be interesting," Walker said, as the bride, whose name is Maria, joins him on camera. The two briefly chat about Maria's upcoming wedding on September 17th, while her friends continue to sing, party, and call her name off-camera. At the end of the interview, when Maria realizes Walker is with the BBC, she leads her friends into a chant of "B-B-C, B-B-C, B-B-C..." while he cracks up laughing. "Interesting," it turns out, was a bit of an understatement. 

Videos of the impromptu Rio bachelorette special were posted on Twitter by BuzzFeed UK's TV Editor, Scott Bryan:

Anyway, are there Olympic medals for partying? Maria and her team of friends deserve gold.

h/t Mashable

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