Rio 2016

Olympic Wrestling Coach Angrily Strips Down in Front of Judges

The 2016 Rio Olympics has been full of weird stories. Ryan Lochte becoming the center of international intrigue. Acrobats jumping rope with a human body. McDonald's having to stop athletes from ordering more than 20 items at a time. Weightlifters dancing to fight climate change. But just because Sunday is the final day of the Games doesn't mean that the weirdness was going to be done.

Sunday, a controversial penalty in the last second of the men's 65kg freestyle wrestling match cost Mongolian wrestler Ganzorgiin Mandakhnaran the bronze medal. Up 7-6, he started celebrating with just a couple seconds left. Time expired and he began celebrating with his coaches. But the judges awarded a penalty point to his competitor Ikhtiyor Navruzov because Mandakhnaran started celebrating his victory too early. It cost him the medal.

That'd be quite the situation alone, but Mandakhnaran's coaches disliked the call. They really, really disliked the call. The disliked it so much that they started stripping off their clothes in protest

The protest didn't change the results, but it definitely made a point. They were not a fan. 

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