Oreo and Ritz are Teaming Up to Make the Ultimate Sweet and Salty Snack

The inventive snack will pair salty with sweet and creme with peanut butter.

Courtesy of Nabisco

Ritz Crackers and Oreo Cookies are teaming up to create the ultimate snack collaboration. The treat will be one part Ritz, one part Oreo. The center of it will be joined together by a layer of peanut butter flavored creme and original Oreo creme. It honestly sounds like the very best afternoon snack to maybe ever exist.

Even more exciting? You'll be able to get a box of this exclusive collaboration for the cost of shipping. At 12 pm EST on May 26, fans can order one box of the Ritz x Oreo combo for $3.95, which is the cost of shipping and handling. To snag your box, head to Oreo.com/Ritz as soon as the clock strikes 12.

"Over the past few years, Ritz has been exploring innovative partnerships and experiences to spark excitement around our iconic, buttery cracker," said Alexis Yap, Ritz senior brand manager, in a statement shared with Thrillist. "We couldn't resist the opportunity to collaborate with our friends at Oreo on a snack that's part salty cracker, part chocolate cookie, and entirely delicious. This is a collab our fans won't want to miss!"

Considering that there are only 1,000 boxes available, these limited edition boxes aren't likely to last for long. If this sounds like something you have just got to try, you may want to set a timer on your phone, so you don't miss the launch. The offer officially expires on July 5, if supplies last that long.

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