Apparently, the Edges of Ritz Crackers are Meant to Cut Cheese

There's a reason for those ridges.


There is arguably no better combination than crackers and cheese. And when it comes to crackers, Ritz are a classic choice. They're reliable, tasty, and their golden brown color and perfectly scalloped edges make any cheeseboard look that much nicer. Turns out, those scalloped edges are more than purely aesthetic, however, they're functional.

Ritz Crackers took to TikTok to blow the minds of cracker-lovers everywhere by revealing the real reason the company makes its crackers with pointy edges. According to the video, the ridges on the edge of every Ritz Cracker are meant to cut cheese. At least, that's what the clip claims.

While you'd probably have a hard time chopping through a block of cheese with a Ritz cracker, you could easily get through a slice. In fact, Ritz demonstrates how this is done in its video. The cracker functions kind of like a pizza cutter in that you hold it upright with the edge against the cheese you want to cut and roll it back and forth until you've sliced all the way through.

TikTok users were understandably blown away by this snack hack. 

"Ritz you are making me question my entire existence," one user wrote in the comments.

Not everyone was sold, however. One skeptic responded, "It won't work they break [too] easy." Ritz was quick to shut that down, pointing out that "it does." Another accused the company of lying about the ridges serving a purpose, writing, "That's not [what] they're for. You just made that up."

Whether they did or didn't remains a mystery: As Ritz pointed out in its response, "but we're RITZ we're allowed to."

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