This 'Road Trip Robe' Comes With a Built-In Mini Bar & WiFi

It also comes with a $1,500 gift card and year-long gold status.

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You've likely adjusted your summer travel plans in response to the pandemic, but just because you're not jetting off to Mykonos for July doesn't mean you have to stay put altogether. The classic American road trip has seen a resurgence in popularity, and now, has created the ultimate travel accessory for your trip. 

The booking site's "Road Trip Robe," which you can snag for a cool $150, sounds too good to be true. Namely, because it comes with a $1,500 gift card and a year-long upgrade to gold status -- which gets you access to room upgrades, lake checkout, and priority customer service among other luxuries. But it is, in fact, true. 

The plush terrycloth robe is also more than just your average cozy wear. It's basically an entire hotel room with built-in WiFi, stocked mini bar pockets full of snacks (we're talking Combos, M&Ms, Twizzlers, Twinkies, Funyuns, Rice Krispies Treats, Slim Jims, and Pop-Tarts), a locked safe pocket to keep your valuables, a mattress seat cushion, hot and cold pocket to store more of those road trip snacks, a tech pocket for charging, and, naturally, hand sanitizer. 

While most mini bars are filled with those tiny booze bottles, this is meant for road trips, so it's alcohol-free. You'll have to wait till you get to your actual hotel for the tequila. 

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"As the travel landscape continues to change and there is an increase in the popularity of road trips, we want to help travelers live their best hotel life wherever their adventures take them, however they get there," vice president Josh Belkin said in a statement Tuesday. "The RoadTrip Robe brings the best parts of the hotel experience with road-trippers from stop to stop."

On Friday at 12pm, the robe officially hits the web for purchase, but there are only 10 available, which means you'll have to act really fast. Have that site cued up and your credit card on auto-fill, friends. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.