Robert DeNiro Says He'd Like to Punch Donald Trump in The Face

Robert DeNiro has played no shortage of mobsters, wise guys and volatile characters throughout his acting career. On Friday, the Academy Award winner invoked his inner Vito Corleone, releasing a statement denouncing Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump.

Notably among the cavalcade of insults DeNiro throws in Trump’s direction -- in apt mobster form, the actor calls Trump a “punk,” a “dog,” a “pig,” and “blatantly stupid” -- DeNiro says he’d like to serve Trump a good old-fashioned haymaker right in the mouth.

“He talks about how he’d like to punch people in the face,” DeNiro says. “Well, I’d like to punch him the face,” he says looking square in the camera.

Although prompted by nothing other than DeNiro’s own anti-Trump loathing, the actor’s brash statement comes on the heels of another video involving Trump.

DeNiro is unmistakably pissed off in this video -- and it’s nice to see him back in gritty, tough-guy form. All it took was this year’s chaotic election to show that he’s still a Raging Bull at heart.