This Professor's 2 Adorable Kids Didn't Care About His Serious TV Interview

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Professor Robert E. Kelly gets paid to know things about Asian geopolitics. He is also the father of two young children. Yesterday, Kelly’s two worlds collided during an interview with the BBC when his kids barged into the room and interrupted the broadcast.

As Kelly sits in front of his monitor, discussing Korean politics, his young daughter walks in chewing on a marker. After the professor tries to shoo her away, his baby strolls through the door, sitting in her little walker. The kids obviously just wanna chill with their dad and learn about current events, but a woman looking after the two -- ostensibly the mother -- dashes through the door and quickly collects them.

The episode has gotten the meme treatment, because it’s damn adorable.

Kelly was smiling and apologetic as he tries to maintain an air of professionalism. But hey man, sometimes you have to teach your babies about international relations. It's just part of the job. 

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