Roger, a Kangaroo Famous for Being Absolutely Shredded, Has Passed On

Humanity has a complicated relationship with kangaroos. On the one hand, they hurl themselves at our bicycles, we have to punch them when they attack our dogs, and they're sometimes served for school lunch. On the other hand, they jump quite high, look kind of like people, and arguably invented the fanny pack. 

There was one kangaroo, however, whom everyone loved without reservations. His name was Roger. He was an orphan who rose to alpha status. He was absolutely yoked. And now he's gone. RIP Roger. We'll never forget you, or your bod -- so developed it made us uncomfortable to look at, yet we could not look away.

The BBC reports that the red kangaroo was rescued as a baby when his mother was struck down in a car accident. He was subsequently raised in the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. He was 6-foot 7 and weighed 196 pounds.

Roger quickly ascended to alpha status and reportedly had 12 partners. His renown transcended his local community of 50 kangaroos, however, and crossed over into the human world in 2015, when images of him looking absolutely shredded with a crushed metal bucket in his hands went viral. 

Roger was 12-years-old and died of old age. Kangaroos in the wild rarely make it past 14, but the sanctuary still mourned the loss of its "beautiful boy." The marsupial had dealt with both arthritis and fading vision in his advanced age, but reportedly "loved his retirement." He's been buried in the sanctuary. 

"Roger was as muscular as they come," Chris "Brolga" Barns, who runs the sanctuary and found Roger, explained to the BBC. "Now that he passed away, we are again getting a lot of attention and have received condolences from people around the world."

Goodnight, sweet, yoked prince.

h/t BBC

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