Rome's Most Popular Street Food is Coming to America

When in New York City, you will eat as the Romans eat. But only if you’re a fan of the Italian city’s most famous street food, Trapizzino.

Trapizzino is basically a pizza-sandwich, making it kind of similar to a calzone, although it’s usually regarded as a lone shark in its own universe. Per Eater, we learn that the Roman delicacy is coming to the Lower East Side, to be served in an eponymous restaurant.

The man who originally conceived of the Trapizzino, Stefano Callegari, is partnering with Luca Vincenzini and Nick Hatsatouris, two Trapizzino fanboys who will to make the magical pizza-pocket their live’s bread when they open the restaurant. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the sandwich, it consists of a pizza bianca stuffed with things like “braised oxtail, chicken cacciatora...eggplant parmigiana, braised pork, tongue in salsa verde, and pumpkin,” Eater notes. The sandwiches will all cost under $10, keeping in line with the whole street food tradition.

Although the owners don't have an exact date set for the the launch of their restaurant, Trapizzino will open pretty soon in the LES at 144 Orchard St. Visiting the spot will be a worthwhile way to pregame for the real thing when you eventually trek it out to Rome.