Kid Dangling Off Rooftops is Dumbest, Most Amazing Thing You'll See Today

There are some things that are such a bad idea that it makes your stomach churn just to see them happen at all. File this under that category. A rooftopper by the name of Oleg did a frightening video for Travel Ticker where he hops around a ledge in Russia, flipping and somersaulting along the edge of a building that is far too many stories up for this kind of thing. Seriously, that's really damn high.

After that, he heads to Hong Kong where he dances along the edge of a building and jumps down to a ledge in a video that ought to make you feel a little seasick. While it's not clear how you start down a path of walking along ledges like this, his fearlessness is admirable.

He's no stranger to this kind of thing, though. A quick glance at his Instagram account will show you that he's pretty used to this kind of thing. Watch the video above, and if that's not enough to make you need a ginger ale, check out another video from Travel Ticker with a team climbing the outside of the Eiffel Tower without harnesses.

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