You Can Turn Water Into 0% ABV Rosé With Walmart's New Flavor Drops, if You Must

Drinking is about so much more than getting tipsy; it's about the taste of the alcohol, the memories brought back through the flavor's familiarity, and a sudden courage to tell your ex of seven months that -- although the breakup was a good decision overall -- you've grown so much and learned so much during your time alone that you're ready to be toxic, erm, be with them again. The makers of these rosé flavor drops understand that. 

Don't text your ex. Instead, buy the "rosé wine drink enhancer" at Walmart and have some good! sober! fun! while still reaping those rosé flavor benefits. Your ex probably doesn't love you anymore, anyway, and that person you saw in their Instagram story was indeed their new boo thing. 

According to Delish, the drops were first spotted on the instagram account @CandyHunting, with the caption "Even Walmart is getting in on the rosé trend!" 

Well, sort of. It seems like Walmart is also afraid of texting its ex, so they've offered an alternative solution. The drops also come in a "berry sangria" flavor. Vice reported that there's also an "apple cider vinegar limeade" and "apple cider vinegar strawberry pineapple," which sound questionable. No report on whether they plan to come out with a "taste of the one that got away." I'm sorry, love. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist who would, unfortunately, sober text her ex.