Thanks to This Runner's Legendary Face-Plant, a Glorious Meme Was Born

You know that feeling when you're on a Tinder date and things are going well (he's not homeless, he has good teeth, he's literate), then he drops some essential piece of information like, say, I'm really into Dungeons And Dragons and I sleep under a blanket of human hair, that totally nullifies all the romantic potential? No? Yeah, me neither. 

That said, there is truly no one who understands the utter dismay that accompanies totally bombing in the midst of your final stretch than runner Jimmy Gressier, who had the distinct pleasure of winning the under-23 men's European Cross Country Championship this past weekend, before plunging face-first into the mud as he crossed the finish line. Crowds of cheering spectators watched, captivated, while he literally ate dirt, flailing his arms in the midst of his descent after attempting a knee-slide across the line. 

Naturally, a meme was born. 

Fortunately for Gressier, he's a champion. Unfortunately for Gressier, the man is now an object of ridicule across the internet, and he'll be forced to relive his mortifying moment of impact each time he interacts with the World Wide Web for weeks to come.

But for anyone who has ever failed miserably in the midst of the grand finale, Gressier is now the voice of a generation. It took little time for online trolls to meme-ify the footage. 

We thank you for your service, Jimmy Gressier. Oh, and congrats on the win.  

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