Here’s How to Watch the Latest Spacewalk on the Space Station Live

The pair of space station residents will be outside the ISS to being work on a new lab module.

Stream NASA spacewalk space station
Photo courtesy of NASA

There's a divide between people who find the dark void of space terrifying and those who would jump at the opportunity to somehow magically get a trip into the great beyond. 

Nonetheless, both parties can come together to enjoy watching others floating in space. On September 3, two Russian cosmonauts will step outside the International Space Station (ISS) for the 242nd spacewalk at the ISS. NASA has announced that it will stream the spacewalk on NASA TV so anyone can watch the event. You'll also be able to watch on the NASA app and NASA website.

Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr Dubrov will be conducting the first of two spacewalks to begin outfitting the Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory Module. "During the spacewalks," NASA says, "the cosmonauts will install handrails on Nauka and connect power, ethernet, and data cables between the recently arrived module and the Zvezda service module."

The spacewalk is scheduled to start at 10:35 am ET on September 3. Though, you don't have to tune in the instant it starts. It's expected to last for up to seven hours. The whole thing will be streamed through NASA TV, YouTube, the NASA app, the NASA website, and the player on this page.

The second of the pair of spacewalks will take place on September 9 and that one will be streamed on NASA TV as well.

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