This Deep-Sea Fisherman's Tweets Will Give You Nightmares

Frightening Deep Sea Creatures
Roman Fedorstov/Twitter

Russian deep sea fisherman Roman Fedorstov would like to take you on a journey that would make Dante's flesh crawl. His Twitter feed is loaded with images of horrifying creatures ripped straight from the bowels of hell he says were caught in his boat's nets while deep sea fishing.

Fedorstov works on a fishing trawler in Murmansk, Russia, according to The Moscow Times. That's in the north. That's way north, like north of the wall north. No doubt other fishermen would laugh at the wide-eyed wonder these images induce in the land-locked, but oh my god, what the hell are these creatures?!

Here are a few selections from his feed where he's regularly seen handling spiked and sharp-toothed sea beasts. (Tweets with translations below are courtesy of The Moscow Times.)

“One guy requested that I repost this fish. Damn, just look at him. :-)”

“Besides fish, creatures like this one end up in the net, too. I hope it's not poisonous. :-)”

“A shark in deep thought.”

“Aha! Caught another one of these guys. :-)”

“Here's another Macrourus. The scales are like sandpaper. #Fishing #BarentsSea”

“We're still arguing about this one. What is it?”

“And here's a living starfish. What a pretty color.”

h/t Gizmodo

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