Watch This Russian Driver Take Cops on an Insane Chase Through an Airport

It isn’t everyday that a motorist rams through the doors of an airport, leading the police on a wild pursuit through a labyrinth of baggage carousels and destruction. But in Russia, as surveillance footage from Tartarstan’s international airport shows, the phenomenon almost looks comically routine.

The driver was identified as a 40-year-old former member of a special police force, and was reportedly under the influence of drugs during Wednesday’s episode, according to Russia Today. While the RT report paints the suspect as a drug-addled maniac, the motorist was found only with 3.9 grams of marijuana after the incident. The weed is apparently quite potent in the city of Kazan, and can help you outmaneuver cops like Rambo.

In any case, the unnamed perpetrator certainly drives like a drug-addled maniac: He plows through multiple doors and swerves around bystanders as he ultimately wreaks a total of $100,000 worth of damage during his little joy-ride. Police chase him on foot, ricocheting off his dilapidated Lada Samara like ping-pong balls. The suspect was initially sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention, but will later be charged for exactly what you’d expect: violating traffic rules, drug trafficking and endangerment.

Interestingly enough, many of the people milling around the airport late at night seem pretty unperturbed by the car hurtling towards them, nonchalantly skirting its path because, hey, they’ve probably seen crazier things. Ничего страшного.

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