Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Brutally Insult Each Other Until the Other Laughs

There isn't a talk show game more perfectly suited to Ryan Reynolds' profane Deadpool humor than BBC Radio 1's "Playground Insults." It captures the absurd, childish energy of Deadpool and distills it into a five-minute nugget of adolescent trash talk.

"Playground Insults" is a semi-regular segment that brings two actors together, tasked with insulting each other until one loses it. (Chris Pratt v. Jennifer Lawrence was a particularly good installment.) In promotion of Deadpool 2, Reynolds traded barbs with Josh Brolin, who co-stars as Cable and kindly avoided talking about Reynolds singing on a Korean game show while dressed as a unicorn.

Neither pulls any punches, but Brolin went for the CGI jugular early on. "Let's talk about the obvious thing: Green Lantern. End of career, yet you're still going. Why? None of us can understand," he says. Brolin even goes back to the well before admitting he hasn't seen the film. "Neither have I," Reynolds responds. "The editor didn't even see it."

The video may reach its apex when Reynolds starts to insult Goonies. There's a moment where he thinks he's maybe gone too far. "He's great in Goonies!" Reynolds says. "You actually just felt guilty, didn't you?" said Brolin, who appears to be as remorseless as Thanos.

h/t AV Club

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