Airline Pilots Investigated After Handling Plane Throttle With Rubber Chicken

Why did the chicken cross into the cockpit?


It might be time for budget airline Ryanair to bring back its $10 "apology fares," after a video surfaced Sunday of two pilots playing with a rubber chicken in the cockpit. 

The Dublin-based airline is currently looking into the fowl incident, according to a report by The Sun. The UK publication got its hands on footage of the event and posted screenshots of the pilots making funny faces, pushing around the Boeing 737-800's throttle lever with the untrained rubber bird, and hanging rosary beads on controls. Jesus was likely bracing to take the wheel. 

“These pictures and video show crew on the ground in a parked aircraft with the engines shut down," a Ryanair spokesperson told The Sun. "While the images are unprofessional, the actions in them posed no risk and safety was never compromised." 

But the images provide an unsettling reminder that our aircrafts are controlled by real human beings with a desire to laugh, as well as the potential to make mistakes.

The spokesperson went on to say that, while the company encourages employees to have fun, their joy must not be at the expense of their professionalism. I'm wondering where on the "appropriate scale" Ryanair would consider flight attendants hiding in overhead bins, because Southwest doesn't seem to care. 

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