People Are Confused About What's Happening at Salt Bae's New Restaurant

The Salt Bae has arrived. Just over a year removed from achieving internet fame for sprinkling salt with flare, the Salt Bae's New York restaurant, Nusr-et Steakhouse, has opened its doors.

Unfortunately, many reviews have been unkind to Nusret Gökçe's restaurant. The Turkish chef's steakhouse was called "Public Rip-off No. 1" by the New York Post's Steve Cuozzo, and the steaks were described as "rubbery and low on flavor" by Eater's Robert Sietsema. Other reviews have had similar feelings about the restaurant that thankfully doesn't serve its burgers meme-dium. (Though, they are served medium.)

What caught the internet's attention Wednesday, however, was whatever is going on in the video above. It appears this otherwise fine cut of meat is filled with processed cheese slices and blanched asparagus. It even managed to confuse Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern.

Branded toothpicks aside, many, including a few chefs, are asking what is going on.

Just think of this as a grilled cheese sandwich, only instead of bread, it's made with an expensive cut of meat. And instead of tomatoes, it's asparagus. And instead of dipping it in ketchup you squeeze the juice out of it and... never mind.

h/t Grub Street

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