Salt Bae Sprinkling Salt With Gloves After Health Code Concerns

Salt Bae, the Turkish chef of meme-ified glory, recently added a new element to his stylistic repertoire of a clean white shirt, black pants, and fiery attitude. After an Eater report indicated that the Salt Bae -- real name Nusret Gökçe -- might be violating New York City health laws by serving steak with his bare hands, he was spotted at his new steakhouse wearing protective gloves. 

The photo above is from 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian, who saw Salt Bae performing his signature salt sprinkle while taking the necessary precautions at his Nusr-et Steakhouse on Wednesday night. 

On Tuesday, the Eater story quickly pinged across the food blogoshpere, prompting concerns that the inimitable chef was violating article 81 of the NYC health code, which forbids food workers from using their bare hands when touching food that's "ready to eat."

Mr. Bae also appears to have removed his watch, which would have violated another article 81 clause, specifically forbidding food service employees from wearing anything other than “medical alert bracelets or a ring that is smooth and without crevices, such as a wedding band.”

It's unclear whether the Department of Health actually paid the restaurant a visit, as the agency hasn't responded to a request for comment. We've also contacted the restaurant, and are waiting for a response. 

Salt Bae's NYC outpost recently received several ho-hum and bad reviews since it first opened. A weird Instagram video hasn't helped endear it to the skeptics, either. The fact that it was a PR executive who first noticed Salt Bae donning gloves might be telling. 

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