The 'Saltburn' Estate Owner Is Sick of Tourists, Here's Where to Go Instead

You can still have your own 'Murder on the Dancefloor' moment, just not at Drayton House.

If you were able to see past Barry Keoghan's rather, erm, stately ding-a-ling as he flopped, stuffed, and bounced it all around during Emerald Fennell's haunting and atmospheric Saltburn, you likely took note of the sprawling English estate where the majority of the film took place. The film is even named after the fictional estate that we see on screen. Saltburn follows Keoghan's character Oliver as he begins to ingratiate himself into Oxford golden boy Felix's (Jacob Elordi) family.

As the film gained immense popularity for Keoghan's nude scenes and Elordi's inescapable 6'6" charm, fans of Saltburn started to hunt down the movie's filming location. Originally, the location was kept under wraps—but nonstop media attention led to the actual estate Fennell used for filming being identified. And once it was discovered that Drayton House was where Keoghan slurped from that bathtub drain, it became a tourist destination much to the dismay of the home's owner, the British aristocrat Charles Stopford Sackville.

In an interview with The Mail, Sackville said he’s not a fan of the attention. "I never envisaged the amount of interest there would be. It's quite weird," he said. "I don't take it as flattering." The aristocrat's displeasure with visitors is pretty reminiscent of another famous filming location this year—the owners of the Airbnb that was used to film Anatomy of a Fall similarly rejected the attention. 

Sackville said that his staff have caught more than 50 people wandering off of the public paths around the estate and trespassing on private property. A viral TikTok with instructions on how to see the property—with screenshots of precise locations on Google Maps—has been viewed more than three million times.

In an effort to both respect Sackville's wishes but also quench the the third of would-be Saltburn set-jetters, we have compiled this guide to where you can travel to catch some vibes of the popular Fennell film. Just promise us you won't kill the groove should you visit.

Where is Saltburn filmed?

As Oliver joins Felix at his family's estate, a series of erotic, bizarre, and violent events take place. The estate where all of this occurs isn't the typical Hollywood magic of built sets and multiple shooting locations. No, Saltburn is a real place. In real life, it's Drayton House, located in the village of Lowick, in North Northamptonshire, England. The home's history goes back as far as 1300, and the property is worth nearly $54 million, according to Harper's Bazaar.

Can you visit?

Despite Sackville’s disdain for the number of visitors who have arrived at his property—which has been in his family since 1770—it is still a place you can legally visit, so long as you stick to public walkways on and near the property. Expect to encounter more security and a number of other tourists trying to capture selfies in front of the building. Lowick is about a two-hour drive from London, and can be reached by bus and train.

What does it cost to visit?

A train from London to Kettering, which is a nearby city to Lowick village, costs between $40 and $130. From there, you’ll need to take a short taxi or bus ride to get to the village. The bus ride could cost between $2 and $4, and the taxi will run between $35 and $40. If you take the bus, you might still need to grab a taxi to get closer to the estate, unless you plan on walking. Once you get there, there is a public walking path around the estate, which shouldn’t cost you anything.

In 2023, before the location was named as the Saltburn filming location, the Wayback Machine showed that you could schedule tours of the estate by appointment through the Northamptonshire tourism board. Now, the home is not listed among the homes available for public tours.

Can you stay there?

Unless your parents are friends with Charles Stopford Sackville—like Emerald Fennell's parents are or, at least, were—then you cannot stay the night at the real Saltburn house. This home is owned by real aristocracy, and they aren't known for opening up their home to guests. Even if said home is a Baroque mansion with 127 bedrooms.

Where can you stay for Saltburn vibes?

While you can't stay in that fancy mansion, there are plenty of other giant, probably haunted old homes across the UK and Europe. Here are seven Vrbo homes that you can rent out and play Sophie Ellis-Baxter’s "Murder on the Dancefloor" while dancing naked in full privacy.

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