This Advent Calendar for Your Dog Comes Stuffed With 55 Grain-Free Treats

Sam's Club
Sam's Club

We've seen a lot of funky advent calendars this year -- hard seltzer, hot sauce, and German beer to name a few outlandish favorites. And then there were cat calendars from Trader Joe's, which were fantastic for all of those city folk who brand themselves as thrifty, Brussels sprout-roasting kitty lovers. But now it's time for pups to get into the holiday spirit, with Sam Club's advent calendar for dogs

Warning: Before purchasing an advent calendar for your pet, make sure you check in with them, as they may not hold your same religious beliefs. 

The calendar includes 55 grain-free treats for your good boy, and only costs $10. The flavors include duck fillets, duck bites, duck hamburgers, chicken fillets, chicken hamburgers, chicken bites, turkey stars, turkey bites, and a pizzle stick. Pizzle stick is dried bull penis, which dogs actually like -- along with the other organ meats -- because it mimics their ancestral diet. 

Every treat included is FDA approved, according to The Daily Meal -- they're 95% meat, and all natural. My editor just bought one for his young pup. We wouldn't recommend something we didn't trust... Notice we didn't recommend the absinthe advent calendar

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.