If These Leaked Videos Show the Samsung Galaxy S8, It Looks Pretty Great

There’s practically a cottage industry of conjecture-filled blogs attempting to break some semblance of news regarding splashy tech products -- just set up a Google Alert for “iPhone 8” for a glimpse.

But two leaked videos purport to show the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its knack for displaying beautiful, radiant colors. The promo videos come from Samsung Display, a subsidiary of the Korean Tech giant, and they trumpet the phone’s large, AMOLED screen -- which completely envelopes the device.

Take a look at the first video above, and the second one below. Fair warning: they’ll be hard to understand if you don’t speak Korean.

Although a prototype rendering, the Galaxy S8’s screen looks gorgeous. It wraps around the phone, eschewing the home button, which is usually found on the front. The S8 is compared side-by-side to a competing device, much in the same vein as a laundry detergent commercial. Unsurprisingly, the fabled Samsung prevails.

To clear up any confusion, BGR translated both videos' descriptions, albeit using Google Translate. According to the first video, Samsung has developed “Vision Aid Technology,” which is probably just a fancy way to parrot its AMOLED screen:

“Samsung Display AMOLED has developed Vision Aid technology, which allows users experiencing color fading to feel more natural colors. This technology, which can be implemented thanks to the AMOLED’s self-emission method, is a special advantage of display AMOLED for people.”

The second video’s description explains that the phone is thinly built and consumes minimal power, “thanks to its self-luminous structure,” whatever that means.

Whatever phone it is we’re looking at here -- it might not be the S8, after all -- it’s clear that Samsung greatly needs a consumer hit. The exploding battery nightmare that characterized the short-lived Galaxy Note 7 device cost the company $18 billion. If there’s anything to amend the broken bond with its customers, Samsung needs the Galaxy S8 to not explode in people’s pants, and it looks like it might be on the right track.

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