Leaked Photos Show Samsung's Stunning New Galaxy S8

Published On 03/07/2017 Published On 03/07/2017

On the cusp of revealing the Galaxy S8 on March 29, Samsung needs its newest smartphone to make a splash in the market. Otherwise, the company’s myriad problems -- like criminal indictments handed down to its top executives stemming from corruption charges, and the fallout from its Galaxy Note7 nightmare -- might remain.

Well, the Korean manufacturer might have reason to believe the dust is settling, as leaked photos of the Galaxy S8 have just been revealed by Slash Leaks. The phone looks good, and appears to confirm some of the conjecture surrounding the device, such as a front-facing camera and iris-scanner, wrap-around screens and the location of the finger-print sensor. Also, don't fret, because there's a headphone jack. 

As expected, there are two sizes -- one 5.7-inch regular sized device (on the left) and another 6.2-inch S8+.

Samsung obviously hopes the the Galaxy S8 dazzles upon arrival -- at least five months before the release of the iPhone 8 in September. If there’s anything that can help the company in this regard, it’s that the S8’s lithium ion batteries don’t turn the phone into an incendiary device. Otherwise the nightmare has every reason to live on.  

Slash Leaks

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