Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden Recreate Samuel L's Most Famous Scenes

Published On 03/09/2017 Published On 03/09/2017

Samuel L. Jackson has been in so many iconic and cult-favorite movies, that even he has lost count of his personal filmography. So, when The Late Late Show host James Corden invited the legendary actor to recreate his most famous film scenes, they had a lot to cover. The resulting skit lasted 11 minutes on Wednesday night's show and, well, it's just as great as it sounds.

With the help of a giant screen in the background, costumes, and several props, Jackson and Corden blaze through the memorable film moments, covering everything from Pulp Fiction to Jurassic Park. Highlights include Jackson getting pelted with stuffed animal snakes while he does his best "I've had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane" and Corden's Yoda voice impression in a brief Star Wars scene reenactment. Of corse, they even manage to squeeze in a plug for Jackson's new movie, Kong: Skull Island, which he appeared on the show to promote. 

Basically, it's an 11-minute reminder of the greatness that is Samuel L. Jackson and the crazy number of damn good movies he's starred in over the years. Not that anyone needs reminding. 

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