SNL Gets in on the Mannequin Challenge, Reviving Some Classic Characters

The mannequin challenge has gone from being a weird internet meme to a full-fledged craze in the last couple weeks. It started with a few videos on social media and now it's hit NFL locker rooms and late night talk shows. Having preschoolers adorably fail at it, gymnasts do impossible things, or making an entire stadium do it hasn't yet killed the fad. Maybe putting the challenge into a commercial will be the thing that finally forces it into full gravitational collapse.

Saturday Night Live has put together their own mannequin challenge in promotion of this weekend's episode hosted by Kristen Wiig and musical guest The xx. Their take on the challenge doesn't just feature cast members, but resurrects characters from some of their best recent sketches, like David Pumpkins's skeleton buddies and Kate McKinnon's chain smoking Ms. Rafferty (who ranks among McKinnon's best SNL sketches).

Yes, the mannequin challenge is getting old. If it stepped outside and slipped on an ice patch, everyone would probably turn the other way. But at least SNL and Leslie Jones did something a little fun with it. It's way better than most mannequin challenges.

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