These New Sneakers Take Color Cues from Childhood Food Fights

Now you can wear a food fight on your feet if that's your thing.

Courtesy of Saucony

It's time to elevate your footwear game. You say you are a food fan, a foodie, a food lover, but have you proven that to others? There are plenty of choices out there. An Oscar Mayer sweatshirt, a Saweetie x McDonald's trucker hat, and even Arby's branded swimwear are all ways to let the world know that you take food seriously.

But maybe you aren't looking to pledge fealty to any specific food brand. In which case, you can rejoice in Saucony's latest release, which is a conceptual ode to all sorts of food. The Shadow 600 Food Fight colorway is a mash-up of Saucony's previous food-inspired shoes, such as the Avocado Toast, Courageous Breakfast, and Cotton Candy releases.

Like so many sneaker releases, this one is a limited edition. On Saucony's site, the shoe retailed for $140, and on resale sites, you can find the pair selling for about $175 and up. For those who feel deep nostalgia for food fights or want to have the wildest pair of shoes in their friend group, these sneakers seem like the perfect option. Plus, with so many different colors in one pair of shoes, they'll match practically anything.

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