A Saved by the Bell-Themed Diner and Bar Is Coming This Summer

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NBC Productions

If it's your lifelong dream to eat in a place that looks like Screech ate there -- that isn't a jail -- well, here you go.

On June 1, 2016, a pop up diner and bar called Saved By The Max is coming to Wicker Park, Chicago. The exact location is still unknown, but there's a Facebook page already devoted to the endeavor. As "pop ups" tend to just "pop up" and likewise go away, the place will only be open for one month.

According to the Facebook page, Saved By The Max is going to look exactly like The Max which, if you watched "Saved By The Bell" -- and if you're reading this you likely did -- you'll know The Max as part diner, part setting for way too many teenage dramatic scenes, where the gang is always hanging out.

The pop up promises a full kitchen, with menu items named after "Saved By the Bell" characters, and a full bar with Bayside-inspired cocktails. In addition, there will be costume parties and 90's dance parties, which at the time, Zach Morris and company had no idea how dated they'd look in 25 years. Lots of zubaz and brick cell phones.

While it's around, Saved by the Max will be open daily. So, at least you get the max chances to see it in action (sorry).

For continued updates, follow Saved By The Max on Twitter, and make sure to see it before all the fun Screeches to a halt.

UPDATE: The official address of Saved by the Max was revealed. It will be at 1941 W. North Ave.

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