Saweetie Teams Up with Crocs & Hidden Valley Ranch, Creates the Coolest Shoes

Run, don't walk, for a chance to purchase.

Courtesy of Crocs
Courtesy of Crocs

Saweetie is the reigning queen of brand collaborations. I've so decreed it. First, she partnered with McDonald's to release a special, delicious, and inventive custom meal. Then, taking it a step further than other celebrity partnerships, she also released an exclusive merch line with the fast food eatery.

If you were one of the fans, who purchased a Saweetie x McDonald's hat and sweatpants but were bummed to see there weren't any footwear options, the songstress's latest collaboration will fill that void. Her latest partnership is with Hidden Valley Ranch and Crocs for a pair of speckled green and off-white colored classic clogs that look just like a bowl of creamy ranch dressing.

Courtesy of Crocs

In addition to the shoe itself, the collaboration will also include nine special Jibbitz charms made in the likeness of everything that pairs well with ranch: pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, veggies, and tacos. But, like any celebrity Crocs collaboration, it won't be around forever, and the shoes won't be easy to buy. Fans will be able to enter a drawing for a chance to purchase between September 16 and September 20 at 12 pm EST.

And as an extra treat, fans in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York also have an opportunity to win a pair of the aerated, ranch-inspired clogs, a fresh pizza, and some Hidden Valley Ranch by clicking on the sticker posted to Saweetie's Instagram story.

Do you want to go all out? You can match your Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs with this Hidden Valley Ranch costume and declare yourself the ultimate dressing fan for Halloween.

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