This School Caught a Ghost on Camera and It's Downright Terrifying

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Every chronically truant 16-year-old wishes they had a legitimate reason to avoid school. But the pupils of one secondary school in Ireland have been confronted with a compelling reason to throw their homework in the trash: a ghost is rampaging through the halls of their school late at night, and well, it seems pissed. 

Deerpark CBS, the school in Cork, Ireland, obtained footage from its security cameras at 3am on the night of October 1. The video, which has already racked up over half a million views on YouTube, shows what appears to be an invisible specter having a teenage temper tantrum in the hallway. It slams a door, shakes up lockers, and kicks over a wet floor sign, much like the deranged sprit of a student who's doomed to spend eternity repeating the same math class. 

Now, the video is actually pretty frightening, but it goes without saying that this could easily be an elaborate ruse. While the school maintains that the strange occurrence happened organically and unprompted, it remains a possibility that it may simply be the product of a clever student's final video project. Still, Cork CBS is parroting the video on Facebook as a rarefied ghost sighting, as opposed to a craven grab at viral fame.

The school's Deputy Principal, Aaron Wolfe, told Unilad that the footage wasn't doctored at all: "If it’s a prank we don’t know how it was done?" he said. "Motion sensors were set off at this time, that’s how it was caught." 

Still, there are ghostly factors at play: Deer Park CBS was founded in 1828 and is the oldest school in southside Cork, which is more than enough time to for unwelcome, spiritual guests to make a home among the students bantering in the halls. Wolfe also told Unilad that the school is a pretty creepy place in general, invoking the story of one student's alleged brush with the paranormal while managing to reference Harry Potter, of course: 

"One student George Long (17) was convinced last year he heard someone crying in one of the toilet cubicles. He thought it might be a first year so called the Deputy Principal -- there was no one there -- maybe moaning Myrtle???" 

Anyway, take all purported ghost sightings with a grain of salt. And maybe avoid any building over 100-years-old past midnight. 

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