Scorpion Delays Flight and Of Course It's United

scorpion on United flight
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Though the wounds have occasionally been self-inflicted, 2017 has not been kind to United Airlines. The worst of it came after the airline had David Dao dragged from a flight. However, that's farfrombeingtheonlyPRtroubles it's had this year.

A handful of United passengers took to social media Thursday evening to announce their flight was evacuated after a scorpion stung someone. The airline didn't initially confirm details, but flight 1035 from Houston to Quito, Ecuador was indeed delayed more than three hours.

Passenger Joe Fagundes told ABC15 in Houston that the flight crew informed passengers they were being evacuated after a scorpion crawled out of a passenger's bag.

Later in the evening, United released a statement clarifying that the scorpion crawled out of someone's clothes, but the passenger was not stung.

"Houston to Quito flight 1035 returned to the gate after a scorpion reportedly emerged from a customer's clothing," the statement reads. "Paramedics at the gate immediately examined the customer and determined that he had not been stung. The customer declined further medical treatment, and as a precaution, a new aircraft was arranged. We provided all passengers with a meal voucher due to the delay and the flight, with the customer aboard, has departed for Quito."

If this sounds strangely familiar, it should. It was less than a month ago that another passenger reported seeing a scorpion on a United flight. “While I was eating, something fell in my hair from the overhead above me," Richard Bell told the CBC. "I picked it up, and it was a scorpion. And I was holding it out by the tail, so it couldn’t really sting me then.”

That flight was also flying out of Houston.

His wife Linda told CNN the airline apologized and offered to compensate them, though she did not offer details about the compensation. 

With how things have gone lately, it's hard not to feel sympathy for United employees. Things keep going poorly and it's usually not their fault. Also, why are there so many scorpions on planes in Houston?

Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson is getting an idea for a movie. 

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