Everyone Cheated Death in This Insane Indy 500 Car Crash

The Indianapolis 500, being a car race and all, is no stranger to car crashes. Watching some smoke and rubble is part of the allure for fans who like that sort of thing, but driver Scott Dixon is lucky to be alive after his car careened into Jay Howard, sending him airborne and tumbling into the Turn 2 retaining wall. Improbably, due to the damnedest luck imaginable, Dixon escaped the scene relatively unscathed while his vehicle was reduced to scraps and bits.  

Dixon and Howard were both able to walk away from the accident and were treated at the infield care center, according to ESPN. Dixon only needed an orthopedic boot on his left foot, despite spiraling through the air and slamming into a wall in one of the gnarliest crashes ever. In fact, the New Zealander was well enough to give an interview to ESPN after the incident, proving he is impervious to what would otherwise be certain death for anyone else. When asked how he felt, Dixon replied: “A little beaten up there, it was a bit of a rough ride. We had nowhere to go, and that happens."

Yes, a rough ride it was.

Takuma Sato of Japan -- who did not crash --  went on the win the race, but Dixon really deserves some kind of medal for walking away from a Tokyo Drift-level accident practically unharmed. Is there an award for immortality?

[h/t ESPN]

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