A Professional Cheap Flight Finder Shares His Secrets

There’s no shortage of flash sales boasting cheap flights to exotic locales, but those deals often expire quicker than you’re able to find your credit card. Luckily, there’s a welcome resource in Scott’s Cheap Flights, which aggregates the cheapest airfare from around the world.

In an attempt to shed its status as the travel world’s best-kept secret, the site’s founder, Scott Keyes, answered questions in a Reddit AMA, which revealed some of the most vaunted flight options around, and how to score them.

Here’s what we learned picking through Mr. Keyes’ crash-course in budget jet-setting.

Milan is way cooler than you'd expect

Your dream honeymoon is way cheaper than you think

Everyone needs to solo travel at least once

Long layovers can be surprising mini-vacations

If you want to visit Hong Kong, this summer might be your best chance

If you fly somewhere just for the food, try these three countries

If you’re heading to Colombia in the summer, try booking in March

His four favorite cheap things in London

If you’re looking for any more sage-wisdom on anything related to travel, you can refer to Scott’s Cheap Flights here, and hopefully plan your dream getaway without going broke in the process.

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