This Dude Crashed at His Parents’ House After a Night of Drinking, Forgot They Moved Years Ago

It's natural to succumb to some nostalgic pangs after knocking back a few rounds. Especially when it's late at night, the lonely trek home is made bearable by thoughts of retiring to a comforting, familiar place. 

A man in Glasgow, Scotland heeded these impulses on a recent night out, opting to take a cab back to his parents' house after several hours imbibing a multitude of pub drinks. Except there was one problem about this otherwise ideal situation: His parent's moved two years ago. 

Thomas Airlie, 26, is the human embodiment of a fool's errand who erroneously tried to sleep off the pink elephants in a stranger's home. Elaine McDade found a slumbering Thomas in full dead-weight repose on her couch after leaving the front door unlocked, she told the UK's Daily Record. The young reveler had taken his shoes off amid the familiar trappings of home, too, according to the report. 

McDade left the door open that night after returning home from a business trip. When she heard activity downstairs in her living room, she assumed it was her dogs because her kids were upstairs. She went downstairs to investigate.

“When I saw him I woke him up straight away,” she said, per the report. “I even asked him if he used to live here, or if he lived in the same street now and had just got the wrong door. I phoned my husband and he agreed to take him home but he didn’t even know where he lived so he dropped him off at [a supermarket] instead.” 

Airlie was confused, disoriented, inebriated, the victim of his own self-inflicted state of suffering. Nonetheless, he made it out ok and apologized to McDade in a tweet that only crystallized his foolhardy innocence: 

McDade also wrote about the incident on Facebook, in an effort to publicize her side of the story. 

Don't ever forget where you came from, folks. 


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