Scott's Cheap Flights' New 'Elite' Membership Promises Up to 90% Off Flights

If you're looking to save some serious cash on your next vacay, Scott's Cheap Flights may have the answer.

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If you've noticed you're spending what feels like more money than ever now that things are opening back up, you're not alone. Traveling especially can get expensive, which is where services like Scott's Cheap Flights come in. The company's goal has always been to get its members the cheapest airfare possible, and it just launched a new service that's promising more savings than ever. 

Scott's Cheap Flights' Elite Membership is a new service tier that sends members deals on premium economy, business, and first-class flights, and sends all mistake fares (no matter the departure airport). Elite members get all the same benefits as Premium members, which means deals on domestic and international economy travel, weekend getaways, and peak travel times. Basically, it's a more luxurious version of Premium that will have you sitting at the front of the plane for a change.

"We are thrilled to expand our services beyond our traditional economy deal offerings, and make luxury travel affordable after a year when our passports were collecting dust and people have been hungry to make global exploration a priority again," Kelsey Terry, Scott's Cheap Flights senior product manager, said in a press release. "We've been humbled to see how excited people have been to start seeing deals that go beyond our traditional offerings, like semi-private flights from Los Angeles to Taos for $360 roundtrip."

If you're not totally sure whether Elite Membership is worth it, check out some of the Elite Membership deals Scott's Cheap Flights has already sent out:

  • NYC to Barcelona nonstop for $863 roundtrip in premium economy (normally $1,500+)
  • Los Angeles to Istanbul for $1,962 roundtrip in business class (normally $4,000+)
  • Newark to Lisbon or Porto nonstop for $1,150 roundtrip in business class (normally $3,500+) 
  • Dallas to the Maldives for $2,691 roundtrip in business class (normally $5,000+)
  • New York to São Paulo nonstop for $2,606 roundtrip in business class (normally $5,000+)
  • Boston to Zurich for $2,964 roundtrip in first class (normally $5,000)

Vaccination numbers are on the rise and more and more places are opening back up to travelers. Record numbers of people have returned to the skies, with the TSA reporting that it recently screened more than 2 million travelers for the first time since the pandemic began in 2020.

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